El Campello is a Star Location, Advertising

Since the advent of cinema, Spain has produced internationally renowned directors, actors and technicians. However, it was in the 1960s that a real change came about in the scope of the industry and Spanish cinema, and El Campello was there… Now immersed in the 21st century, a host of exciting possibilities are presenting themselves in the audiovisual, advertising and communications industries. El Campello is a young town that has acted as the backdrop for a number of projects related to cinema, advertising and television, and we aim to continue to do so. We would love to work with you in your new projects so come and tell us about them!

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Spots El Campello Turismo

El Campello in Essence (2022)


The place that changed my life (2022)

El Campello, el escenario perfecto para rodar tu historia

El So de la Festa (El Sonido de la Fiesta)

Tu Gran viaje

Spot El Campello 2′

Spot El Campello 30″

Spot Festival “Toíto el flamenco”


Toma 5- “Regala Cine”

Shot in Les Puntes de Gosàlvez

Regala cine, as well as being an original and unique experience, it is ideal as a gift for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, or simply for those friends and family members who are passionate about cinema.

Hawkers- “Made in Spain”

Shot in Barranc d’Aigües

Tchin Tchin Afflelou -Campaña Verano 2017

Shot in Pueblo Acantilado Suites

Fotografía Publicitaria

Catálogo Ceremonia Amaya for Kids Primavera-Verano 2019

Realizado por Fusioarte Comunicación (Publicidad y Marketing)

Catálogo Ceremonia Amaya for KidsCatálogo Ceremonia Amaya for Kids Ver el catálogo completo


Sesión Villa Marco

Be cool my friend

Villa MarcoVilla MarcoVer sesión completa

Book fotográfico

-Salón Recepción Pueblo Acantilado-

Books fotograficosBooks fotograficosBooks fotograficos

Calendario Ryan Air

Foto Calendario Ryanair 2010 en los “Banyets de la Reina” de El Campello

Calendario RyanairCalendario Ryanair