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Filming requests will be processed through El Campello Film Office whose collaboration is totally disinterested, and will require a previous meeting, to know the particularities of the filming, and the request for the corresponding permit through the filming form.

El Campello Film Office is in charge of coordinating and requesting all the necessary reports and services relating to the different municipal departments that are mandatory to obtain the filming permits, however, when requesting occupation of public roads, reservation of parking areas or traffic cuts, it might be the different municipal departments who will finally be in charge of authorizing and, if it is considered so, collecting the necessary fees for this. 

To request any filming on public roads, the production company / company that submits the filming request must always attach a current CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE.

A period of 15 days is required to process the necessary permits, especially when a traffic cut and / or reservation of space for parking vehicles is required, as a mandatory report from the Department of Safety and Traffic of the El Campello City Council.

 Filming on the beaches, which the permits are depending on the Coastal Service (Ministry), or on other administrations, will require a longer processing time. 

After completing the form, it will have to be sent to El Campello Film Office through the municipal registry, either in person or online via the official Electronic Office.

The Filming Plan, detailed argument of the script of the short film, series, film, advertisement … to be shot and a sketch or location plan will be attached to the forms