El Secreto del Sahara

Owner : Reyes Caballero

Adress : Plaza de la Division Azul nº 4 – 2º iz  Alicante

Telephone : 634336433

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Description : Reyes Caballero. I was born in the city of Alicante in 1959, the daughter of a marriage of Phoenician and Arab roots, during my youth I firmly refused to be a slave to the society that flooded my environment, unruly and playful I grew up among men, among whom I clearly saw the freedom and its price, my frustration: not having been a great dancer, as in my other lives I was.

Although I studied technical careers and a master’s degree in marketing, in which I was a pioneer as a woman, I was very clear that my passion for Art and Beauty was my cosmos, dedicating a large part of my life to creating and designing costumes and accessories, I also dedicated part From my existence to relating to the world and its inhabitants, managing to be a great PR within the world of the night, where I managed to lead large companies in positions of responsibility and management of very large teams of personnel, Mediterranean and Balearic Islands.

In erotic literature I wrote 11 books today 4 published on Amazon, I am doing Art Books, being possible long scripts in the near future. I have been studying since 2000, where the priority has been computer technologies applicable to art.

Cinema is my last adventure… Friend of Don Luis Garcia Berlanga thanks to literature, where he awarded me with an Honorable Mention.

When the Ciudad de la Luz or City of Cinema was inaugurated in Alicante, she proposed me to be a film director and for 9 years it has been my universe. I have not stopped studying in three countries, receiving scholarships at various film and TV universities.

Artistically and technically I am autonomous. Today I have nine shorts to my credit, seven of them in “International Festivals, Receiving 32 Awards, 230 Selections and 24 Finalists, 6 Semifinalists and 4 Nominations at present, 2 more shorts already finished in the absence of presentations for this fateful year and A feature film being edited by me to finish.

A new scripted project in which I am in production whose shooting I have scheduled for spring 2021 if we could, with this one and five of the last shorts I have at festivals receiving awards, I will make another feature film.

I am already on the verge of my goals being met in this sector, where being a woman is very hard. In cinema, she made from the script, production, locations, costumes, photography direction, direction and currently editing for a year and a half This year I was awarded a scholarship by Burning Man and I was there with 5 people from my team, in an Olistic Art project, to carry out in Nevada, USA.

It is about Atlantis and it is present for 2020, we already know the circumstance of this year and I will present it again for 2022, this team that I currently lead is about ephemeral art and I have architects, masters of fire and bonfires, costumes, musicians, astronomers, actresses, archaeologists, carpenters and artists from very different sectors